Hello Out There

In looking back over my work on this site, it strikes me anew how much in my life has changed…my dear mother’s passing almost 2 years ago, my own age gradually increasing to where I feel my own mortality more than ever before… I still work at a paying job, and probably will until I can’t walk anymore…but I had to downsize my garden by about half in order to reduce the ridiculous amount of hard labor it required. I still enjoy it of course, but for that very reason (less work required) and the various other demands of my life, I’m just not outdoors so much these days. I don’t seem to have as many opportunities for the old long walks on roadsides and in the countryside as I used to, either. Therefore, not as many photos to show off.

I love WordPress, always will, and would like to get back to work at this site. I am active at Deviantart which takes some effort. Really, the primary reason I haven’t posted here lately is because I didn’t have time to maintain 2 sites, both containing similar material. And yet, I miss WordPress… Well, we shall see! …. Toodles…!



I am back finally, part time at least. As anyone interested can see from my DeviantArt journal, my mother passed away at the end of December 2015 and of course things for me have been pretty difficult since then. I am alone now at home, which is OK with me but the emotional turbulence of losing my beloved mother has been tough to cope with. I work, I see my friends, I have my pets at home, I sometimes see my family (not a large family at that and everyone is busy) and I would never stop doing artwork no matter what happens. It all helps me to get thru this most difficult and sorrowful of times that we humans have to inevitably endure, somehow. But yes, I am back at WordPress which I have missed…