Christmas Time Back Home – The Country Gentlemen

I had never heard this song before till this week! It is an old one but new to me, and I love it!! I have included the words here, they are great and paint nice mental pictures 😀

Back up in the mountains in that old home town of mine
There’s not a brighter time of year than that of Christmas time
The bells in the little church will all begin to chime
Telling all for miles around Rejoice! It’s Christmas time!

Christmas bells are ringing, I hear the chimes so sweet
The carolers are singing now, I hear them in the street
Outside the white snow falling inside my heart I find
A world of joy and peace on earth back home at Christmas time

A candle in each window; they give a golden glow
While out among the shimmering pines lights sparkle in the snow
And through the lonely mountaintops the wind’s shrill echoes cry
For peace on earth good will toward men and faith that will not die

High above our little town so bright to be so far
There shines upon the whole wide world His gift our guiding star
Everyone in each home can feel a peace sublime
And know the joy the Yuletide brings to all at Christmastime

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