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old barn with wild sunflowers

At its best, photography can be an extra sense, or a reservoir for the senses. Even when you don’t press the trigger, the exercise of focusing through a camera can make you better remember thereafter a person or a moment. Photography can teach people to look, to feel, to remember in a way that they didn’t know they could.

~ Edwin Land, inventor of the Polaroid camera

I grew up knowing next to nothing about photography. In those days we mostly used small black and white film cameras, but I got my very own camera at age 15. Even though it was small and nothing fancy, I was really excited and went about trying to teach myself the rudiments of photography. I wasn’t very good at it, but finally after a few more years had passed, suddenly I began to comprehend more about things like setting up a scene, lighting, center of focus in a shot, etc. Since those early days I’ve had several cameras, none of them expensive, I’ve shot tons of “duds,” but it all helped me to learn, albeit slowly.

The best way for me to understand how to take good photos was a lot of hands-on approach rather than reading about it. My first digital camera was a milestone, I got that one in 2002 and it served me well for 7 years. I wonder whether my current models will last that long? I doubt it. I’m still not the greatest photographer ever to point and shoot…but I do enjoy what I do, and I think this shows through in what you will see here on these pages…

I don’t have much else of interest to say about myself, I’m just an ordinary person who happens to love working with photos and creating handmade art when I have the leisure time for it. I’m a gardener too, which explains the numerous floral scenes that you will see on these pages. I also get a lot of enjoyment from hiking in nearby woodlands during those times of the year when the weather is accommodating.

I should mention that in all photo galleries on this blog, you will find a means to enlarge each of the images to full size, which is IMHO the ideal way to view them. Some of them are normal size, many are huge, but a lot of the images have so much detail I had to make the image as high a resolution as my computer could manage.

Also, bear in mind that technology improves all the time, I made many of these images on an old XP computer with a screen that didn’t boast the finest resolution. My work looked OK on that, but I was surprised and a little shocked when newer computers with good resolution showed up all the problems in the works made on the old one 😦

Please look around, enjoy, and thank you so much for visiting! 🙂

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