It’s Not Goodbye, Really…

Just….so long and see you later! I have moved mostly over to deviantart for a number of reasons…one being that my mother (now diagnosed with Alzheimer’s) needs a great deal of my time for her care, and this will only increase. I decided that instead of trying to maintain 2 websites it would be better to narrow it down to only one. I love WordPress but since I don’t have as much time for computer tasks as formerly, I knew it was best to simplify my life any way I could, which meant some pleasures would just have to be put on the shelf.

Please stop by and visit my page at

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The Star Carol

An a capella version of a beautiful song I had not heard for so long I had forgotten it existed. Again I have included the lyrics here because they are so meaningful. This is a short and sweet video but it was the one that seems to have the clearest audio. For me, this says it all, it’s the reason for the season!

Long years ago, on a deep winter night,
High in the heavens, a Star shone bright,
While in a manger, a wee baby lay
Sweetly asleep, on a bed of hay.

Jesus our Lord was that baby so small,
Lay down to sleep in a humble stall.
Then came the Star, and it stood overhead,
Shedding its light ’round his little head.

Dear baby Jesus, how tiny thou art.
I’ll make a place for thee in my heart.
And when the stars in the heavens I see,
Ever and always, I’ll think of thee…

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