Hello Out There

In looking back over my work on this site, it strikes me anew how much in my life has changed…my dear mother’s passing almost 2 years ago, my own age gradually increasing to where I feel my own mortality more than ever before… I still work at a paying job, and probably will until I can’t walk anymore…but I had to downsize my garden by about half in order to reduce the ridiculous amount of hard labor it required. I still enjoy it of course, but for that very reason (less work required) and the various other demands of my life, I’m just not outdoors so much these days. I don’t seem to have as many opportunities for the old long walks on roadsides and in the countryside as I used to, either. Therefore, not as many photos to show off.

I love WordPress, always will, and would like to get back to work at this site. I am active at Deviantart which takes some effort. Really, the primary reason I haven’t posted here lately is because I didn’t have time to maintain 2 sites, both containing similar material. And yet, I miss WordPress… Well, we shall see! …. Toodles…!

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