Moss Rose (Portulaca)

That is the best part of beauty which a picture cannot express.

~ Francis Bacon



Normally I would not think of creating a gallery as huge as this (or the recent one “The Year of the Butterflies” 🙂 ) But since most of us nowadays have connections that are fast enough to handle a big gallery at least occasionally, I decided “oh, why not?” And yes, I show a lot of zinnia pictures. But they are gorgeous flowers and easy to grow even for those of us that have soil that’s full of clay and weather that can be as challenging to deal with as the soil is… No two zinnias are identical and thus no two of my photos look alike either. It is fun to take each one (even some of those that didn’t turn out perfect) and play with filtering to see what interesting results can be achieved…

These shots were from summer thru early fall, the best blooms are in August but September’s display can also be awesome…