I Am Back

…..with a bunch of new images made this fall, the weather has not always been cooperative but I think it’s been a bit better than last year!! And my personal free time is becoming a scarce commodity as well. I will do most anything within reason to get a little leisure to work on photography and other forms of art.

In the past I was “guilty” of two mistakes….one was relying mostly on my old XP computer to make my artwork (it has problems now that prevent me using it at all) without realizing that its inferior screen resolution and slight dullness was causing my work to not turn out as nice as it could have. I see problems with sharpness, lighting and clarity when I look at the older pieces. I have owned a new laptop for about a year and a half. Its screen is much brighter, something that put me off for awhile simply b/c I was not accustomed to having such brightness, even though of course it can be adjusted (the XP screen can no longer be brightened!). Only in recent months did I begin to notice how much sharper my images look on this newer computer, even the most intricate details look spot-on usually. And now as I say, the XP has been set aside, but probably for the best. I am prevented from making art there, but since getting accustomed to using this laptop I don’t miss the XP anymore.

Also in former times I favored making all my pieces here “time sensitive”, in other words trying to keep the images strictly up-to-date, even getting them processed and ready to upload on the same day they were photographed. That has become impossible for me, and I notice that most photographers around the Net don’t worry themselves about doing that. Still, I would prefer not to show autumn images in springtime, or spring images in autumn…

And so, with that said, enjoy my latest creations 😀


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