Got your attention, did I? HeHe πŸ˜€

More images are coming soon, promise! I have been busy around deviantART so please check out my galleries there (see my link in the Widgets). I finally decided to make a photo gallery there, so as not to be too “samey” around the old WordPress hangout… Those photos happen to be from 2009, that’s right, 5 years ago…but things in my neighborhood don’t change very much. Those images, I confess, are not the best quality or resolution. I used only my XP at that time since that was all I had, plus I didn’t know as much about filtering and postwork as I do today. And with a different screen size in those former days, the images do have a somewhat “dated” appearance. Plus it was a new camera I was using and it had internal problems, although the company fixed everything when I sent it back to them.

The next batch will be from 2010, camera issues were history and I had two new cameras then. The one I bought in 2009 was Kodak and the newer one in 2010 was a Canon. I decided to purchase a second one because both cameras did different things. I have never regretted that decision! These cameras are not expensive and so their abilities are limited. But that challenge has only helped me toward learning more about image processing than I would have known otherwise.

I may post the 2010 batch at both locations, I haven’t decided yet… πŸ™‚ They are ready to go except for maybe a bit of saturation enhancement. That has been my biggest problem in this project, I don’t know why images look so different on my two computers. I mean it isn’t just the screen sizes. But those processed and finished on the XP look a bit dull here on this much newer laptop. It is nice, though, to find that the resolution on this laptop is noticeably sharper than on the older desktop. And the screen is much brighter. I can no longer adjust the brightness settings on the XP because our browsers have changed many times over the years so that the cursor won’t work on those adjustments that XP provides… At least today we all have the “quick and dirty” option of just brightening our screen if something doesn’t look quite “right”… 😳

Anyway, just wanted everyone to know that I am still here, just busy behind the scenes. πŸ™‚ And that does not include a load of yard work and garden work I still have to get done before winter *groan* 😦


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