The Last Dahlia

Not only the last dahlia of summer but the last surviving one that I have… Not sure I will be replacing my once-large collection of these if they don’t do any better than the ones I bought in recent years. Got to stop wasting money on bulbs at Wally World; their stuff isn’t always good quality and I think over time Walmart quality deteriorates even more in general (but that is just my humble opinion). If I replace dahlias I’d have to get them at a reputable nursery. Might cost me plenty, but at least I’d really have something then, which might stand the test of time, as this old-timer pictured here has done…


2 thoughts on “The Last Dahlia

    • wildwanderingirl October 2, 2014 / 1:33 pm

      Thank you! It is indeed the last one of those that I have, and it is failing…

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