Pecan tree leaves

Yes…pecan trees in Indiana! Mine are 10-12 years old now, but they have not produced any nuts yet. I’m a bit disappointed, but I heard that the trees have to be pretty big around the trunk before they are old enough to have nuts. Mine are still slender, so who knows, I might not live long enough to see them produce pecans!

At least the autumn foliage is pretty; over the past couple of years the mixed browns and golden colors of the leaves have been beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Pecan tree leaves

    • wildwanderingirl November 8, 2013 / 4:46 pm

      Thanks and yes, I remember that site too! I think (?) this is the site where I tried to post a question on their forum but it didn’t seem to be welcome. I thought the Admins were rather cold and unfriendly. 😯 Wanted me to do a search for the answer to my Q. on the site, which was a normal response…but otherwise the impression was that you had to be a long-standing member, or something, to freely ask questions there. I felt out of place, and gave up, meanwhile wondering how other people could converse freely without anyone giving them a problem…

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