Sorry, friends…

No more deviantART slideshows. My work at dA is being stolen, it’s only happened once but it could easily happen again. This has been a big problem for many deviants this summer, and I was afraid I’d become one of the victims. I realize there are ways to get into a legal hassle over it. But I don’t absolutely HAVE to show my work on deviantART, there are other ways to display it out there! I kept my account so that I could continue watching and enjoying the work of other talented acquaintances, as well as learning from them… But alas, my days of being a deviant have suddenly come to an end. I need to try to protect my work, I know it will be safe here at WordPress…although we all realize there is nothing to stop people from downloading it… The only sure fire way to prevent anyone stealing artwork is to never upload it at all, anywhere… 🙄

Be that as may be, you are cordially invited to visit my Fractured Fractals blog where I show the exact same works that were shown on deviantART…


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