Many years ago I had a lot of dahlia bulbs, eight or ten maybe. I had one plant that grew to be 6 feet tall, although none of the other ones did, so that was very unusual. Over time I wondered why none got to be tall anymore and eventually the flowers became smaller and there weren’t as many blooms. Well, duh! I had some of them for 15 years and I’m sure most people would get rid of old dahlia bulbs by the time they’d been around for a decade. A few were scrawny and never did develop right; others occasionally got lost after being unearthed in fall, and so were destroyed by freezing. And some simply dried up from old age.

In 2011 I had only 2 left that were worth planting out. They did surprisingly well, blooming better than they had done for years. I changed their location which probably helped. Don’t know how long those two will survive… Amazingly, they are still going!

I foolishly purchased 8 or 9 new bulbs last summer. Big mistake!!! Between the severe drought and our lousy clay soil which turns to stone in such weather, well…you need an irrigation system of some sort to keep things alive. I don’t have that. Water bills are high enough as is.

I’m not buying any more. I’ve put thousands of dollars of hard earned money into my garden over the past 2 decades, lost a lot of it on things that died…and I say ‘Enough is enough!’ I’m sticking to old reliables from here on in.

Anyway, this image is another of those from the “glory days”…

orange dahlias

And how about a little touch of the Fractalius effect…?

orange dahlias with fractalius effect


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