All righty.

Back to basics! While I LOVE the Ideation and Intent theme for many reasons, I finally decided to get away from it because frankly, the text hurts my eyes! And something else I discovered which is probably even more important, I have way too many widgets 😳 , therefore the sidebar extended waaaay down where no one would see all my lovely hard work, since there was not enough in the content area to balance everything out. I used the Able Theme a while back and really liked it, and it is nice to come back to a theme where I can read my own text without getting a headache, lol. I shall miss the column that has the fancy photo gallery, but oh well. Maybe I can figure out how to insert a slideshow or gallery here in the Able sidebar that will look good.

I also discovered that Able will allow a custom header, which I have kinda gotten used to having…so a brand new one to fit this theme is coming right up… [Edit] It’s done!


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