canna flowers

Cannas are something I don’t try to grow anymore. They need lots of rain for a good start, which during some years we do get (such as this year!) but other years we do not (like last year, the worst drought in history!). This year I’m sure they would have been fantastic. The biggest problem with cannas is the bulbs can become enormous, and in order to keep them going year after year, you need a good place to store the bulbs for the winter. I only have a small garage, not a basement or cellar; anyone lucky enough to have that has got the perfect place to bed down canna bulbs for winter. I finally had to give up, after some of those dry springs and the hassle of trying to store those bulbs in the fall when I have no good place to put them. The final year or two I tried treating them as annuals, but as pricey as they are, that’s a lot of money to leave to rot in the ground…

canna flowers

cannas at night


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