Featuring scented geranium

This photo has to be from about 1997 or ’98. I purchased that scented geranium in 1995 or so, and by the time I shot this picture, it was mature and at its most beautiful. It also took the full sun very well in those days. But in later years, it could not tolerate the heat and had to be kept in part shade, finally total shade.

Elsewhere in this photo, there is evidence that the garden was still “new” and very well kept. Today, almost 20 years later, it is beginning to look old and overgrown, weedy and just way too much work for ONE person. My mother and I used to keep up the work by sharing it 50-50. But today she is elderly and disabled, no longer able to do more than potter in the front flower beds near the house. This garden is some 100 feet from the house (the gate is anyway), too far away for someone who has trouble even walking…

featuring scented geranium on birdbath, marigolds and other garden flowers


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