Hibiscus and hydrangea

We don’t have that hydrangea (far right) anymore; it was another victim of fierce Indiana weather. It was originally a “tree.” Meaning, it was nursery-grown so that it only had a single stalk rather than many limbs (like ordinary hydrangeas). For a while it was doing fine, about 6 feet tall; but a sudden violent summer storm cracked the “tree trunk” in two. When my mother saw it, she said the wood inside the stalk was apparently rotted. No wonder it broke off. She suggested we cut it back to the ground and then see if it would sprout back up. It eventually did, and we had a nice “normal” hydrangea shrub. I assumed this would mean no more worries. But, once again, Indiana weather took its toll. The second calamity was a major drought (the usual summer situation around here) which killed the plant completely, so that I had to dig it out. The hibiscus is still surviving though, just getting old (like the rest of us!) and not nearly as vigorous as shown here.

featuring red hibiscus and hydrangea


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