Blue-eyed grass

I first became aware of this elusive little flower over 20 years ago, along the same road where these shots were taken. Due to lots of mowing by the county road crew, it disappeared for a long time. Finally last year I began to see it around again, here and there. Now, however, it seems to be making a comeback of sorts, although it isn’t as profuse as in former days.

These are the very first photos I’ve ever been able to get successfully! My cameras are “cheap” which makes tight closeups a difficult challenge, especially when the subject is tiny AND there is almost constant wind blowing…

blue eyed grass

blue eyed grass

Seems the more direct sun these little guys get, the paler their hue becomes.

blue eyed grass

These blossoms were almost white except for delicate color around the center.

blue eyed grass very pale version

This one was in some deep shade, and that seems to be what gives some of them the most uniform blue color.

blue eyed grass


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