Christmas Time’s A-Comin’ – Patty Loveless

I’m still here, just haven’t been outdoors much lately…it has been cold and windy and wet here and this little old lady doesn’t take the winter weather so well as she did when she was younger ;)

Thought I would post a few other nice Christmasy items from around the Net, especially now that the WordPress snow will be a-fallin’ here in a few days… I love bluegrass music more than any other kind of music, it’s a part of my life for sure…and here is one cool song I always think of about this time of year:

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A Cemetery Wander

When I visit a cemetery I immediately get a sense that this place is somber, elegant, sacred, and rather sad even on the most beautiful day, any season of the year. I almost feel I should tiptoe around between the graves, speaking in hushed tones if anyone else is there. And of course, if the cemetery is the one where my relatives are buried, these feelings are greatly increased until a kind of pall seems to hide the sun…

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