Tall Bellflower

(2 images.)

Blue thou art, intensely blue;
Flower, whence came thy dazzling hue?

~ James Montgomery




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Another Mystery Flower

(2 images.) I honestly do not know what this is, but it’s pretty all the same!



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The Year of the Butterflies

For some reason in 2010 my garden was visited by a great number and variety of butterflies. Quite a remarkable event, as the like has not been seen before or since… I remember seeing them floating everywhere while I stood out in the hot sun wielding my trusty cameras, even while wishing I could tolerate the heat better and also had no other responsibilities to pull me away from such an amazing scene… Here is a large gallery of images made mostly during that memorable time…

Sometimes I wonder whether God sent such an unusual number of them on special assignment that year, as very soon my life would be jarred by new and unpleasant difficulties and challenges…when I would need all the inspiration and beauty I could cling to in the dark days ahead…

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